Download new SmartArt for Office 2010

If you already know how to use SmartArt to convert ideas into engaging graphics, you won't hesitate to download the new SmartArt for Office 2010.

The new Converging Text SmartArt is particularly helpful in showing how ideas feed into a process or outcome.


Another new SmartArt graphic called Theme Picture Accent can help pull unrelated images together in a single PowerPoint slide. And there are additional  SmartArt graphics available via plus more on the way.

To access the new SmartArt, you may need to adjust your privacy settings. From within PowerPoint (or whichever application you're trying to access the SmartArt), go to File, Options, Trust Center and click the Trust Center Settings button. Now click Privacy Options and be sure the Connect to for updated content box is checked:


After clicking OK twice to save the new settings, fully close the application and relaunch it. Now when you go to Insert, SmartArt, you should see a new section called