Move rows around quickly in Excel

If you're like me, when working with rows of data in Excel, you often find you want to reorder them.

For instance, let's say you're tracking transactions from different cliients. You could just sort by that column, but if you want to group your customers by something other than alphabetical order or a secondary column of data, you may want to try this simple manual method:

First select the row or rows you want to move by clicking the number to the left of the first column (use Shift to select more than one consecutive row). Now right click anywhere in the selected rows and choose Cut:


Now right click on the row that you want to appear just below the row(s) you have selected, and then select Insert Cut Cells:

Insert Cut Cells

Do this a few times, and you'll get so good at it that it will quickly become second nature whenever you need to restructure your data. If your data is structured such that you want to move columns around, the same process works there too.