New Year's resolutions you can resolve with Office and Windows

It's 2011, and if you're like me, you know there are some things you should have mastered last year that you didn't get to - so you resolve to tackle them when the calendar rolls over. Here are 65 popular tasks we frequently hear that customers want to learn - and which Productivity Hub can help you with!


Change where Office saves your documents

Name your files for proper date sorting

Print long documents faster

Learn to use Mail Merge

Upgrade and get started with Office 2010

Pin recent documents in Office 2010

Add screenshots to your Office 2010 documents



Clean out your Inbox

Get rid of spam

Delete attachments and other mailbox fillers

Set a delay on mails so you can cancel misfires

Clear outdated AutoComplete names

Write better subject lines

Add Twitter to Outlook

Turn on Conversations feature in Outlook 2010

Clear the e-mail clutter with Ignore and Move in Outlook 2010

Add a picture to your mails in Outlook 2010

Add social network connections to Outlook 2010

Take our Inbox Boot Camp: Rules, Advanced Rules, Turn mails into actions, Master Quick Parts and Schedule email delivery



Force reviewers to track changes

Save time typing with AutoText

Start using the Navigation Pane in Word 2010

Save time with Format Painter in Word 2010

Learn the typesetting features of Word 2010



Save time with the multi-functional status bar

Make Excel rows and columns visible, even if you scroll

Use Filters to home in on the data you need

Save chart designs for easy re-use

Track mileage in Excel

Learn PivotTables

Build a schedule

Make a Gantt chart

Create your first macro

Use conditional formatting

Translate dates to days of the week

Create an allowance chart

Learn Sparklines in Excel 2010



Create a mini notepad

Use OneNote during meetings

Use OneNote to take and crop screenshots

Save Web articles in OneNote

Share a OneNote reference document

Use styles in OneNote 2010

Move to OneNote 2010



Make your point more effectively

Create effective PowerPoint slides

Learn PowerPoint 'do's' and 'don'ts'

Boost your PowerPoint undos

Convert text slides into engaging SmartArt

Make large slide decks more manageable in PowerPoint 2010

Find hidden PowerPoint slide show options



Setting up your Access database for success

Ensure the right data goes into Access

Use validation rules in Access for better data integrity

Publish your Access database to SharePoint


If you're a Windows 7 user, here are some more ways the Productivity Hub can help you save time in the New Year:

Learn what’s new in Windows 7

Sweep away desktop clutter in Windows 7

Recover lost files

Speed up your PC

Help your PC help you

Customize the Start Menu in Windows 7


Also, be sure to download the Productivity Hub SharePoint Server site collection for even more resources and guidance over the coming year! And you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our latest tips.

Happy New Year!