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Hooking into the Project Detail Page Ribbon Save button without overriding out-of-box functionality in Project Web Access for Project Server 2010

Perhaps one of the common customizations in Project Web Access (PWA) in Project Server 2010 would be...

Author: Husain G Date: 08/01/2011

Announcing Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Project 2007 and Microsoft Project Server 2007

Excerpts from Christophe Fiessinger's blog...

Author: husainzgh Date: 04/30/2009

Local Project Cache

Here is a great explanation of the local project cache....

Author: husainzgh Date: 02/19/2009

Report Viewer Web Parts for SharePoint

There are 2 types of Report Viewer Web parts: 1. Web Parts which come with SQL Server Reporting...

Author: husainzgh Date: 02/09/2009

Project Portfolio Solution Connector

Interesting… something like the Project Server PSIs but for Portfolio Server. I was not aware of...

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/27/2008

Recently published Project 2007 content

Taken from Christophe Fiessenger's official communication regarding this topic: The purple one...

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/27/2008

Official communication regarding Project Server 2007 and SQL Server 2008

Taken from Christophe Fiessinger's offical communication regarding this topic: Microsoft Project...

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/27/2008

Compare Project Versions

Cool feature you can use to compare project versions in MS Project 2007

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/20/2008

MOSS Standard vs Enterprise

Quick comparison b/w MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) Standard and Enterprise. Good to...

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/20/2008

Project Server 2007 OLAP cube build issues

Good points about OLAP issues on Brain Smith’s support web log:...

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/20/2008

Project Server 2007 SP1 supports SQL Server 2008

From '...Note: Office Project Server 2007...

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/20/2008

  1. Project server is supported in virtualized environments

Author: husainzgh Date: 11/05/2008

Project Resource Kit for Project Server 2007

The Project 2007 Project Resource Kit is a very useful set of tools. The PRK consists of the...

Author: husainzgh Date: 10/29/2008

Office Project Server 2007: Solution Overview and System Elements (Level 300)

This is a crisp 1 hr webcast on high availability and scalability of Project Server 2007...

Author: husainzgh Date: 10/22/2008

Office Project Server 2007 and Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 integration

Good information about Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Office PerformancePoint...

Author: husainzgh Date: 10/22/2008

Innovation Process Management using Enterprise Project Management solution

I stumbled upon a very interesting tool called "Innovation Process Management" (IPM). This is one of...

Author: husainzgh Date: 10/10/2008

Risk - Issue - Risk - Issue - Risk - Issue - HELP!

What is the difference between a risk and an issue? I am no project management guru, but this is an...

Author: husainzgh Date: 08/08/2006

Why O why do we wrap UI controls???

Here's the thing: You are off making a big enterprise application that a company will use for a lot...

Author: husainzgh Date: 08/08/2006

3D graphics programming - 3DPro!

3DPro! is an app which I made for a college project. The objective of the project was to learn and...

Author: husainzgh Date: 07/27/2006

WCF Recruits

Here are some take-aways from my first day attempts at WCF(Windows Communication Foundation). Note:...

Author: husainzgh Date: 07/25/2006

Hello blog world

This is my first ever blog on MSDN. So, let me say it in the most popular way known to computer...

Author: husainzgh Date: 07/10/2006