Support-Tip: (AADCONNECT): Filtering - Control which groups sync to O365

Hello again!

Today, I wanted to share a simple scenario that I recently worked on to control which groups get synchronized to O365 (Azure). This is very similar to filtering with users.

I am using one of the latest builds of Azure AD Connect and will be using the cloning feature of Azure AD Connect Synchronization Rules.


  • Control the groups that get pushed to O365NOTE: In my example, I will be using extensionAttribute1 containing the value of "o365sync"


  1. Open the Synchronization Rules Editor and select Inbound
  2. Select the default Synchronization Rule "In from AD - Group Join"InFromADGroupJoin
  3. Select the Edit button
  4. You will be prompted to clone the default Synchronization Rule. You will select "Yes"EditReservedRule
  5. After clicking "Yes" in the dialog above, the cloned synchronization rule will open in Edit modeNOTE: You can modify the name of the Synchronization Rule if you would like. That is a decision based on your current business rules.
  6. Before you can save the new Synchronization Rule, you must modify the Synchronization Rule Precedence.
    NOTE: Find more information on Synchronization Rule precedence on the document "Understanding the Default Configuration" (
  7. Click on the words "Scoping Filter"
  8. Click the Add Clause button
    1. Attribute = extensionAttribute1
    2. Operator=EQUAL
    3. Value=o365syncNOTE: Remember, I am using extensionAttribute1 and o365sync for my illustration here. You can utilize attributes and values based on the business rules of your business. ScopingFilter
  9. Once you have entered the new clause, simply click the Save button to save the cloned synchronization rule.
  10. After clicking Save, we now need to validate that the default Synchronization Rule is Disabled. We can do this
    1. Select the "In from AD - Group Join" synchronization rule and clicking the Edit button.
    2. This time click "No" on the pop-up dialog.
    3. Validate that the Disabled check box is checked.ConfirmDisable
  11. Once the default synchronization rule is confirmed disabled, you are now ready to test.NOTE: If you are familiar with the Preview feature of Azure AD Sync Services, I would recommend using this feature to be able to test a single object.


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