FIM SP1 R2 4.1.3766 Upgrade to MIM SP1 4.4.1302 In-place Direct Upgrade


As of  November direct upgrade from FIM 2010 R2 SP1 (build 4.1.3766.0) to MIM 2016 SP1 (build 4.4.1302.0) is supported.

Important: With various components, there are specific instructions that must be followed to ensure the solution is properly upgraded.  Please make sure to read the information below carefully and test the upgrade in a test environment before implementing it in production.

Preparation Steps

As always, prior to attempting any type of upgrade, please use the information in the FIM Backup and Restore Guide for the component being upgraded, in case something goes wrong during the upgrade.

Upgrade Overview

The table below allows you to understand supported path

4.1.3766.0 to 4.4.1302.0

Component Upgrade from version Upgrade installers available Supported Upgrade Scenarios Initial upgrade version Final upgrade version
Synchronization Service 4.1.3766.0  .MSI
  • In-place upgrade
  • Side-by-side
4.4.1302.0 Latest hotfix update
Service and Portal 4.1.3766.0 .MSI
  • In-place upgrade
  • Side-by-side
4.4.1302.0 Latest hotfix update
Certificate Management 4.1.3766.0 .MSI
  • In-place upgrade
4.4.1302.0 4.4.1459.0 or laterLatest hotfix update
BHOLD 5.0.3355.0 .MSI Release 
Add-ins and Extensions 4.1.3766.0 .MSI
  • In-place upgrade
  • Uninstall / Reinstall
4.4.1302.0 Latest hotfix update
CM Client 4.1.3766.0 .MSI
  • Uninstall/Reinstall
4.4.1302.0 Latest hotfix update
CM Modern App N/A N/A
  • Unistall / Reinstall
N/A Latest Build


Last year we released the  MIM 2016 SP1 Update MSP. This MSP allows current customers on MIM 2016 RTM, or any hotfix build since 2016 RTM, to perform an in-place upgrade to the MIM 2016 SP1 build (4.4.1302.0).

Special thanks to Steve Klem for review and discussion to get this one completed


Thanks David