Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 Portal (4.4.1642.0 or Later) – Support Add-ins and Extensions language default language

Hello folks, David Steadman Here!!

Today with the release of the Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 SP1 August 2017 Hotfix (4.4.1642.0), We released a enhancement that allow you map all similar languages to one that is supported.

For example, if the Windows Display Language is ES-CL (Spanish Chile), or any ES-**, we will attempt to map this to ES-ES (Spanish Spain), if possible.

Over-ride Configuration

If the automatic mappings are not working as desired, we have added a registry key that can over-ride the Windows Display Language setting, with a specific language.

Registry Value Name: OverrideDefaultUILocale

Value Type: String Value

Location: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Extensions]


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Extensions]


Please note: The value that is provided in the OverrideDefaultUILocale should match one of the installed MIM Add-ins and Extensions language pack languages.


This over-ride value will only take effect if the Windows Display Language doesn’t have an exact match to a MIM Add-ins and Extensions language pack. For instance, if the Windows Display Language is ES-ES, and we have the ES-ES MIM language pack installed, then we will not be able to override this match with another language, such as FR-FR.

Example: You have zh-HK locale in a system. Two SSPR localization packs are installed for zh-CN and zh-TW. By “default” now SSPR will select zh-CN (according to internal order). But you can create registry key:  "OverrideDefaultUILocale"="zh-TW" and SSPR will use zh-TW localization.  Also you can install any other localization pack (like fr-FR or ko-KR) and use it via this registry.

Important: If you have installed valid localization pack for the current system locale (ex: locale ES-ES and localization ES-ES) NO OTHER localizations can be selected via registry or any other mechanism.

The following is a list of valid values, as of this update.

· bg-bg

· cs-cz

· da-dk

· de-de

· el-gr

· es-es

· et-ee

· fi-fl

· fr-fr

· hi-in

· hr-hr

· hu-hu

· it-it

· ja-jp

· ko-kr

· it-lt

· lv-lv

· nb-no

· nl-nl

· pl-pl

· pt-br

· pt-pt

· ro-ro

· ru-ru

· sk-sk

· sl-sl

· sv-se

· th-th

· tr-tr

· uk-ua

· zh-cn

· zh-tw