Support-Release: (CONNECTORS): Release of Generic Connectors v1.1.830.0


We are happy to announce the release of the MIM 2016 SP1 generic connectors version 1.1.830.

As a note the download is replicating through the ether and pages could be cached ctrl+f5 may be needed

Fixed issues:

  • Resolved ConnectorsLog System.Diagnostics.EventLogInternal.InternalWriteEvent (Message: A device attached to the system is not functioning)
  • In this release of connectors you will need to update binding redirect from to in miiserver.exe.config
  • Generic Web Services:
    • Resolved Valid JSON response could not be saved in configuration tool
  • Generic SQL:
    • Export always generates only update query for the operation of deleting. Added to generate a delete query
    • The SQL query which gets objects for the operation of Delta Import, if ‘Delta Strategy’ is ‘Change Tracking’ was fixed. In this implementation known limitation: Delta Import with ‘Change Tracking’ mode does not track changes in multi-valued attributes
    • Added possibility to generate a delete query for case, when it is necessary to delete the last value of multivalued attribute and this row does not contain any other data except value which it is necessary to delete.
    • System.ArgumentException handling when implemented OUTPUT parameters by SP
    • Incorrect query to make the operation of export into field which has varbinary(max) type
    • Issue with parameterList variable was initialized twice (in the functions ExportAttributes and GetQueryForMultiValue)

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