Extensions for MSN desktop search

One of my favorite new tools to come out of Microsoft is the new desktop search tool. I keep this tool running over basically all of my computers directories and it can be a real lifesaver at times. When I need to find what source file an interface that another team uses is in, I can just type the interface name in the search box and almost instantly get all of the source files that that interface appears in. If you haven’t given this nifty tool a try, I suggest you download it right here and give it a look. I personally think that it’s the best desktop search tool out there, but if you think I’m just a shill (which I am ;) ) ask Ars Technica what they think. I’ll give you a hint, they like it much better then the desktop search offered by that G<mumble> company. Here is a selected quote from their review; “MSN Desktop has by far the most elegant and transparent interface of the set.” Good times.


            Now MSN desktop search has been out for some time now, the reason that I’m highlighting it currently is to get the word out about the API that has been released for it. Window desktop search is made to be highly expandable, and it has already had some interesting hacks and search filters released for it. If you want an easy way to create some cool desktop search hacks, just click here for development info on extensions for MSN desktop search.


            I’m a little sad to have seen (what I consider) a pretty small amount of hype around MSN desktop search. It’s a great technology with an easy way to create some cool new extensions. So I’m going to do what little I can to get the word out (perhaps the Scoble can be of better service). Plus, if I tell enough people, I can stop hearing that Windows won’t have desktop search until Longhorn; desktop search is here now and it’s dang cool.