Microsoft Global MVP Summit

           Last night I had the very fun opportunity to man part of the Visual Studio Team System booth at the Microsoft MVP Global Summit here in Redmond. This event brought in MVPs from all around the globe to listen to talks and to meet Microsoft developers and ask them questions. As I’ve been doing a fair bit of community work recently for my team (keeping an eye on the MSDN forums and customer submitted Ladybugs) I was excited about attending this event. But at the same time, I was a little nervous as I had never been to one of there “networking” type events.


            The long and short of it was that I had a really good time at the summit. During my hour and a half at the booth I got to have long conversations with five or six MVP who seemed very excited to be there. Even though only a few of them had specific questions about the profiler (which I work on) they all knew about it and had lots of intelligent questions to ask about both the profiler and Team System in general. Also, it really was a “global” summit, the attendees that I talked to were from the following countries Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and a couple of Australians. It was really neat to see support for Microsoft and Visual Studio in particular from outside of the US. Plus the food and beer at the Summit was pretty good ;).