Shakeups in Visual Studio

Sorry for the lack of posts for a while, we’ve had a few moderate changes in our development teams here in Visual Studio after shipping Visual Studio 2010. As it all shakes out, I’ve been moved from an IntelliTrace specific team to a Diagnostics UX team tasked with the user experience for the debugger, IntelliTrace, the Visual Studio Profiler and Static Analysis tools. We’ve also merged the diagnostics section with the Team Arch tools into a new Visual Studio Ultimate product unit.

For this blog I plan on keeping the focus on IntelliTrace (and that is what I mainly expect to be working on) but expect to see more info on the Profiler, Debugger, Static Analysis and Architecture tools scattered in here as well.

Currently I’m just finishing up on a project to improve our internal regression prevention system. Getting some experience with a Silverlight + RIA Services multitier app was fun, but the confusion that comes with trying to bring together a disparate team to accomplish a task and then disband was a little crazy at times. With that project wrapping up I’ll be back on the main product line and able to add some more IntelliTrace blog entries coming up soon.