The New Developer Menu in Visual Studio Team System

The new Developer menu in Visual Studio Team System


                In my recent series of blog posts I’ve been covering some of the cool new features that the Visual Studio Profiler team has been adding to the code profiler that is included with Visual Studio Team System for Developers (and Team Suite edition). With all the features that have required hours and hours of work from us we’ve also made a small change that we think will have a big impact on how customers find the profiler. This change was creation of the new top-level “Developer” menu and moving the profiler and code analysis commands to this new menu.

                It was scary for us to find out how many customers were unaware that a powerful profiler shipped with VSTS. Some were even purchasing competing profilers without first checking out the one that they already had! So to make the profiler more discoverable we moved it out from where it was buried in the Tools->Performance Tools menu to the new Developer menu. Now the name of this Developer menu might change, but there will assuredly be a top level menu with both your profiling and code analysis tools available in it.

Developer Menu