The Profiling Team’s Greatest Hits: Volume Two

The profiler team has been crazy busy with getting Visual Studio Team System shipped and out the door, but we have had some time to write a blog entry or two over that time. Here are all profiler related blog posts since my last greatest hits roundup. This is basically all of the profiler blog posts since June 9th.




By IanHu:

Profiling a Unit Test

How to profile signed assemblies in instrumentation mode

Rico’s Performance Quiz Vs. The F1 Profiler

The F1 Profiler vs. .NET string comparisons

Basic Command Line Profiling

Performance Profiling Parse vs. TryParse vs. ConvertTo

Code coverage and the foreach loop

Advanced instrumenting with the VSTS profiler 101: /start


Also, check out my TechNotes (many are expansions of earlier blog posts by me or other team members) here.


By SCarroll:

Profiling FAQ #5: Why are there two copies of my function in Instrumentation mode function report?

Profiling FAQ #6: Why does the profiler say Foo calls Bar, when I know it doesn't!

Profiling FAQ #7: What does the column name X mean?


By JoC :

By popular demand - COBOL Code coverage

Team System Code Coverage - it works for native C++ too

Coverage errors

Visual Studio Team System “off-road” code coverage analysis and reporting experience

How we built team system on team system


By JohnLS :

Changing MVID's

Test Signing and Instrumentation

By Angry Richard:

Offroad Profiling: The Visual Studio Profiler and Windows™ Services

Response Files

DataCollection at the Global Level


By MGoldin:

Why function callees sum up with more than 100% in Caller/Callee view?

Multiple profilers of managed code on the same machine. Why it is bad?

Total, Application, Kernel, Overhead, Other samples - what are they all about?!