Visual Studio Team System TechNotes

Looking for some good information on the Visual Studio Team System profiler or just on Team System topics in general? The kind folks at MSDN have opened up a new section of TechNotes to aggregate lots of quick-hitting articles on various Team System components. TechNotes are a little less polished and shorter then a typical MSDN article but are a fair bit spiffier then a typical blog post. I’ve adopted fifteen blog posts from my own blog, a few from other team members and written an original TechNote or two for the site.


Currently if you look under the development section all the TechNotes there (1200-1214) were written or adapted by me and have to do with either the profiler or with the code coverage tool. If you already follow many of the profiler blogs then many of the entries will be familiar to you, but hopefully this site will give you a better one-stop shop for your profiler and Team System info.