10,000 Unread Hotmail Emails

I’m approaching 10,000 unread emails in my hotmail inbox. And amazingly there is not much spam in that (hotmail seems pretty efficient at removing my spam), it’s just the result of having the same email address for 10 years and not bothering to delete anything.

So here’s a little quiz for you: How much storage do you get for free with Hotmail? 5GB? 7GB? More? Less?

Well, if you said “unlimited” then go to the head of the class. Although you start with 5GB with a free Hotmail account the amount of storage available of you simply continues to grow as you need it, as long as you only add a reasonable amount per month. What does “reasonable” mean? It means that for just about anyone who is simply using email normally it won’t be an issue – you’ll continue to send and receive email as normal, and the space available to you will continue to grow. So you never need to worry about deleting an email  to “make space” again.

Take a look at http://www.windowslive.com/Tutorial/Hotmail/Storage/StepByStep for more details.