Award-winning Developer launch

Those of you who watched the webcasts we produced for the UK Developer launch of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office in January may recall that we pushed the boat out a bit in order to make the experience as rich as possible. The keynote was streamed live, and the technical sessions were pre-recorded, with camera shots of the presenters as well as the demos and slides, and made available online at the same time as they were delivered physically.

Well I'm glad to say that the launch webcasts have picked up an international film award, presented by the International Film and Video Festival in Los Angeles, California. The webcasts won first place (the "golden camera" award) in the "CORPORATE: Internet Programming: Webcast/Webisode" category. See this link for further info.

This is fantastic news and a real credit to all of the people who put so much work into producing the webcasts, and our production partner World Television.

Of course, now that we've won the top award what can we aim for next? :-)