Cool things you should know about Windows Live #5 - SkyDrive

What is it?

I have blogged about SkyDrive before but I'd like to include it in this series for completeness.

So what is it? Think of it as a USB stick on the web. It's 1GB of free storage that you can use however you like - but generally I find it really useful for transferring files between machines, and sharing files with a team.

And if you use the drag + drop facility (requires a small ActiveX control) it's especially quick and easy to use.

You can restrict control over who can access your files, making it simple to share documents and files - or keep them all to yourself.


 What's cool about it?

  • It's free
  • It's really quick and easy to transfer files up and down, so file sharing between machines is even easier than sticking in a USB stick
  • You have good control over who can access your files, which means that you can share files amongst friends / colleagues with ease

Where do I get it?