Create your own games for XBOX 360 (somewhat off topic)

In case you missed it, we have just announced a great new way for developers across the world to write games for the XBOX 360. Take a look at this press release for more info.

I know this is a little way off topic, but I love this idea - it's been doing the rounds on internal mail for some time and it's great that we've now unveiled it. Personally I can't wait to start writing code for my XBOX 360, it takes me back to the early days of home computers of cranking out breakout-style games using about 4KB of RAM....keep that sentiment but wind forward 20 years to the power of the XBOX 360 and who knows what kind of cool stuff we'll be able to create.

Take what you want from the announcement: a way to make money, a way to get famous, or just a new way of having fun and being creative, I think it's one of the best pieces of news for all of the home and pro developers out there.