Fortune and Glory with IE8

Short Round: What is Sankara?
Indiana Jones: Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory

I'm wondering whether we can edit the script so that Short Round says "What's the opportunity with IE8?".

Ok maybe I'm reaching. However, as my colleague Mike Ormond has announced there is "fortune and glory" to be had with IE8 if you're a developer in the UK. Well, by "fortune" we mean possibly winning an Xbox 360 Elite, and by "glory" we mean potentially getting picked by Future Publishing for a promotion they are running.

All for writing an accelerator, web slice or visual search. Pretty simple stuff really. I have heard plenty of reports of these kind of add-ons being written in a couple of hours so you don't need to devote that much time to it. Also, bear in mind that reported an 18% increase in daily traffic to their site due to their web slice, so you're not only putting yourself in line for a prize from us, and the possibility of broad exposure by Future Publishing, but your work could also dramatically increase traffic to your site.

Read all about it over on Mike's blog and best of luck if you decide to take part.