Free training on Live Mesh and the Live Platform

Yes it’s true. This training is not only free but it’s classroom-based training. You’ll get the inside track on how to build on Live Mesh and the Live Platform. In addition to getting training on these technologies ie you get trained on the existing APIs and the upcoming ones, all attendees will get access to the CTP (community technology preview) – you not only get the bits, but also access to the cloud. 

You’ll hear much more about these technologies at the upcoming Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles, and it’s likely that these courses are going to get booked up very quickly once the various announcements are made.

So…get in now. The dates and locations are below, if you’re UK based the nearest ones are Amsterdam and Berlin. And although the courses are free, you are responsible for your travel, accommodation etc. But it’s still a pretty good deal.

Book here:

Dates and Locations (it’s a 2-day course)




Nov 03-04

Washington DC

Nov 13-14


Nov 17-18


Nov 26-27


Nov 27-28

Los Angeles

Dec 01-02


Dec 01-02


Dec 02-03

San Francisco

Dec 04-05


Dec 08-09


Dec 10-11