I’ve decided that there’s a market niche that isn’t being exploited: Blog ghost writing. The concept is simple – you’re under pressure to write a blog that’s informative, clever, readable and just downright good. The problem is you a) don’t have the time and b) don’t really have the ability either. Enter a ghost writer, who pens a stunning blog for you which you can publish under your name.

I’ll let you decide if this is really me writing, or my hugely expensive ghost writer.

But moving on to some more relevant questions - Who am I anyway and what’s the point of this blog:

1) Who am I? I work in the Developer & Platform Evangelism team (known as DPE, or sometimes D&PE) at Microsoft in the UK. I currently have responsibility the developer angles on Vista, Office 12 and SQL Server 2005.

2) What’s the point of the blog? To translate technologies, products and information into a form that is easy to understand. Or at least easier than the official information that’s produced and that sometimes can be a bit impenetrable.

My mission therefore is to translate techno-babble into something readable, and to pick out examples of other people doing likewise. For example, my former colleague Tim Sneath’s excellent overview of Avalon (aka the Windows Presentation Foundation).

So welcome to my blog. And if anyone has a need for a ghost writer give me a shout, I could do with the money. Which may give you a clue as to whether this is really me writing or a highly-paid ghost.


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