How well do you know Windows 8?

Are you one of those people who already knows Windows 8 (or Windows RT) pretty well? Do you like a bit of a challenge? Then try my 10 question quiz and see how you get on. There are no prizes other than a warm smug glow if you get them all right. And while prizes would be nice, frankly a warm smug glow is kind of nice too.

Here we go, see how you get on. I’ll provide the answers later. Oh and cheap plug: A short perusal of my recent tweets will provide a few of the answers, see


  1. How do I get a list of all Windows 8 Store apps I have ever downloaded across all of my devices?
  2. How do I take a screen shot on the Microsoft Surface?
  3. How do I get Function keys to display on the on-screen keyboard?
  4. If the on-screen keyboard is obscuring something on the screen, how do I make it disappear for a while
  5. How do I prevent Windows 8 from syncing my browser history across my PCs?
  6. How do I increase or decrease the number of apps that are shown when I use the Share charm?
  7. How do I move left and right on the start screen a page at a time when using keyboard and mouse?
  8. How do I “zoom out” (known as “semantic zoom”) on the start screen or in an app when using a keyboard and mouse?
  9. How do I send a friend a link to install a Windows 8 Store app that I already have on my PC?
  10. How do I do the equivalent of pressing “Alt+F4” to close an app when I’m using a Microsoft Surface (that obviously doesn’t have an F4 key)?


Anyone have any better ones?