My Beautiful Empty Inbox

My inbox is empty, and what a joy it is to see. Normally, my inbox looks like a disaster zone with thousands of emails, many unread, and at least a hundred red flagged. So how have I managed to move from chaos to clarity. Have I lost my job? Or my mind?

Actually neither (as far as I know). I don't often promote products via this blog - apart from our own of course - but Speedfiler from Claritude Software deserves a special mention as it has so transformed my working day.

What is it? It's an Outlook plug in that makes it really easy to file emails. Sounds pretty under-whelming but once you start using it you realise just how effective it is. The product has plenty of features but there are really just 3 that are most important for me:

  1. For every email you receive Speedfiler makes a suggestion of where it should be filed or allows you to very quickly select the appropriate folder. Usually it's one click to file.
  2. When you reply to an email it does likewise, but also offers to store the email you're responding to in the same folder. So you don't get every email you send going into your sent mailbox, instead it gets filed along with the original mail
  3. It is very simple to jump to any of your folders just by typing the first few letters of the folder name.

It's probably one of those things that you need to try out to really get a sense for whether it's going to be useful to you or not and fortunately there is a free trial available. Well done Claritude, great product.