My Current Favourite Windows Phone 7 Apps

As the number of apps in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace zooms past 10,000 I thought it worth a quick summary of the apps that I use most. Almost certainly there are loads of great apps that I’ve missed, so feel free to let me know if you are aware of something amazing that I should be aware of. And also I realise that this list will get out of date pretty quickly given the avalanche of apps that are hitting the store. If I can make the time I’ll try to update it once in a while.

These aren’t exhaustive reviews by any means, just brief descriptions to give you a flavour. They are UK biased as I’m UK based, and listed alphabetically:

App Name Price What is it? Why do I like it?
Amazon Kindle Free eReader. It’s a no-brainer if you already own a Kindle device Great reading experience, just flick left or right to turn the page, access all of your Kindle books. Keeps track of your position and syncs seamlessly between Kindle device and phone so you can read on Kindle, then pick up the spot you left off on the phone, then the Kindle resumes where you left off from the phone etc. Simply fantastic. Great use of the cloud, this kind of app is the future
BBC News Mobile Free News reader from BBC news website Slick presentation, easy-to-read format. Breaking news pushed to Live Tile
Chicks n Vixens Free while in beta Game. Very similar in concept to Angry Birds. Get it while it’s still free! Huge fun! You get to fire chickens from a cannon at foxes (vixens) across a range of locations and lots of fiendish levels
Facebook Free Official Facebook app for WP7 Kind of a no-brainer app. Nice presentation, easy to use, feature rich, nice use of WP7 UI. Needs live tile support though
Flixter Free Film database Nice presentation with lots of useful information. Live Tile support. The IMDB app is very nice too but Flixster just has the edge for me
ITN News Free News app from ITN Has much more video content than the BBC news app and is presented very nicely. Good alternative especially if you’re on a wi-fi connection for video news Free Streaming music I love the way this keeps in sync with on the Xbox and on the website. Excellent for just entering a tag that suits your mood and getting great music streamed to you. No subscription required for Windows Phone 7 users!
Putt In Golf 99p Crazy golf in 3d, 18 holes I love two specific things about this game: The graphics and the control mechanism. Lush environment and good range of options makes for a fun game. Could do with a couple more courses though
Send to WP7 Free Send any file to your WP7…as the name suggests. This is an AWESOME app I absolutely love this app. Here’s an example of how I use it: I right click on a Word doc on my Windows desktop and choose “Send to WP7”. Within a couple of seconds I get a notification on my phone that the file is available. I tap on it and it opens in Word on the phone, I can either read it or edit it. Same for spreadsheet, presentations, and in fact just about any file. Absolutely genius, everyone should have this app. Live Tile support
Sky Mobile 99p Sky TV listings with remote record option Nice way to browse what’s on Sky. Listings can be cached for offline (and much faster) use; Can choose to record any programme right from your phone, great for those “I forgot to set up to record [insert your favourite programme]!” moments
Stock Alert - Live! 79p Display stock prices right on the tile with live updates Simple enough: choose the stocks you want to follow and get the usual detail about them. Key for me though is that the Live tile is updated so you can see the stock price right on your home screen without even opening the app. Really useful
Tech Track Free (ad-supported version) Technology news from various sites Pretty simple but effective, nice way to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Tech world
Tube Run+ 79p London Underground information and maps There are a few of these kind of apps around, this is my favourite at the moment. Live tile support to show how your chosen line is running. Also makes it easy for you to claim compensation for late running trains!
Translator+ Free Uses either Bing or Google translator Simple but very effective way to translate text. Switch between Bing and Google to translate between 30 languages. Downside is that it requires a data connection and if you’re roaming you’re probably going to have switched this off. And of course, when you’re roaming is when you need a translator…but you takes your choice I guess Winking smile
Weatherbug Free Weather information with live tile support Two things separate this from other weather apps I’ve seen: Live tile shows the weather in your chosen location without you having to open the app. And push notifications advise you of extreme weather events, again without you having to open the app.
WikiPanda Free Wikipedia reader This is the nicest one I’ve seen. Search is predictive which makes it very quick to enter, and your previous searches are listed for easy reference. The Wikipedia entries are laid out in an easy-to-read format. I use this app a lot!
World Radio 79p Streaming radio stations from around the world Two things sets this app apart from others I’ve seen: Really great range of radio stations, and very good at streaming. Maybe I’ve just been lucky but I find the streams seem very stable and will run for hours without pausing

So which apps am I missing from this list? Let me know! I am always on the hunt for great apps. I know I’ve left of loads of good games, but I had to draw the line somewhere…for a weekly list of 5 great WP7 apps try