Signed stuff

A little while ago I posted a blog entry about some merchandise that Bill Gates signed that we were planning to give away as a part of launch. After a bit of discussion we've decided that we'll still give it away but won't tie it to launch specifically. My fault for jumping the gun and suggesting that we would....but actually we've done quite a bit around launch including a large competition, so it makes sense to treat this separately.

We don't intend to drag our feet, so I'm expecting us to announce something reasonably soon after the online portion of the launch finished (Feb 19th).

So in case you were wondering, that's the plan. As always, when I know more I'll post it here.

Completely separate aside:

Just FYI I'll be heading off to Redmond on Saturday for a week. In case anyone's interested :-) the primary purpose of the trip is to have 1:1 meetings with a whole raft of people who are developing our Windows Live stategy, some in the product teams and some execs, so I may have some pieces re WL to blog about when I get back. As I've mentioned previously, Windows Live is likely to start featuring more heavily in our outreach as we move through the year, and especially after the Mix 07 conference. More on this later.