Some questions you might have on your mind (regarding the UK launch)

I'm aware that readers of this blog are waiting for answers to three questions (maybe more, but let's start with these):

  1. For people who attended the physical launch, you want to know when the "thank you" email will be sent giving you your choice of software
  2. For people who took part in the online competition, you want to know whether we've reached the 1000 winners mark for each product
  3. And everyone wants to know when we're putting the "download" option back up for the videos

Some answers:

  1. The "thank you" email: It hasn't been sent yet, but it's imminent. If it doesn't go tomorrow it will be early next week. I'll post a blog entry when it's gone, or if there's going to be further delay (I was reminded today that we commited to send it within 10 days of launch, so technically it isn't late. But nevertheless we'll keep pushing)
  2. Have we reached 1000 winners? I enquired today and understand that the process is underway to determine this. It's not quite as simple as it may appear however, but we should have an answer at some point next week. Again, I'll keep you updated as I hear more. When I know, you'll know
  3. When are the downloads going back up? We had a test today and it's looking good. If the results are ok we'll put it straight up. My guess is Monday morning, but again I'll let you know if not.

Hopefully that helps. I've tried to be as open and honest with you all as I can throughout this process. Why? Because if I was in your shoes I'd want to know the answers and there are few things worse than feeling you're in the dark. So if you're wondering whether anyone is bothering about this / cares about it / etc....well yes the whole team does. And everyone is working hard to get this stuff done so we can all get on with the rest of our lives.

Thanks for bearing with us in the interim.