The Mix UK Blog

Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the Mix:UK website will have noticed a blog feed from a Windows Live Space we have set up to allow us to make announcements etc about the event.

You probably also noticed that after the initial post made by the team it was suspiciously quiet. To make sure we bring it to life I've been asked to start writing some posts for it, and I've pushed out a few quick posts recently and will write more as we head towards the Mix event. Other people will also be posting entries, see if you can tell which are mine!

I'll probably also continue to keep readers of this blog (ie my blog) updated too, I'd hate you to feel that you're missing out! And I'd hate to lose you too....

Anyhow, hopefully the posts will be useful and by adopting this approach we'll keep event-related traffic on the official blog rather than clogging up my blog like we did at the developer launch of Vista and Office earlier this year.