Very nice Vista gadget

Sick of Windows Vista sidebar gadgets that give you a weather forecast? Mike Ormond, that wizardly colleague of mine, has created a gadget that I think is really useful. It uses Virtual Earth to let you quickly see maps and driving directions, right from on your desktop.

Here's a summary of the features:

  1. Type in a post code (or zip code) or place name or address to see the location on a flyout on your desktop straight away
  2. Or set your home location on the configuration screen (you only need to do this once obviously) and you can type "to " followed by a post code or address - eg "to rg6 1wg" and it will plot a route from your home to that location
  3. The same works for "from " + location, eg "from rg6 1wg", which plots your return route home
  4. Or if you prefer, you can type "from " + location + "to " + location eg "from 52 oxford street, london to 113 Swan street, manchester"
  5. Click the little Windows "pearl" at the top left of the fly-out to launch Virtual Earth in a browser.

Most cool.

Mike has just blogged about it too.