Visual Studio 2008 RTM now on MSDN subscriber downloads

In case you didn't see this elsewhere, if you're an MSDN subscriber you can download Visual Studio 2008 right away. And .NET 3.5 of course. All very cool.

While there are a whole host of new features (and the Moth's blog is a great place to read about some of these, for example this link) the three that stand out for me are:

  • Proper targeting of Windows Vista, and great support for developing WPF apps
  • Full support for Office 2007 development in VS Pro - no need to buy a separate product (ie the old VSTO product no longer exists)
  • And of course: LINQ in .NET 3.5

Other people will, I'm sure, have a different set of favourite features. So don't flame me if I've failed to mention something that you think should have been in my top 3! :-)

For those of you developing on Windows Live, don't forget to get hold of the extensions to VS 2008 that make life easier for you.