We're going to pull the download option for a while (the streaming version is still ok)

Folks - my apologies, but we've taken the decision to pull the download option for the videos. It's a classic case of "death by success" - we have so many people downloading that even with a massive pipe people are still seeing poor download speeds, as reported by a number of you.

So rather than carry on with a bad experience we're going to pull it until we can make this work more effectively. I hope people feel this is the right approach - of course, the better option would have been to have a download option that could cope with the bandwidth, but we need to deal with where we are.

The steaming option is fine though, and this is definitely the route to take. For those who were keen to use the download option (and to be honest this is the option I prefer) I apologise unreservedly that we haven't been able to provide this facility. If we can reinstate it in a form that's more effective we'll definitely do that.