What's hot from day 2 at the PDC?

Ok, 10 more things to be aware of that were talked about today (again in no
particular order, and again these are just my personal views, take careful note
of the disclaimer at the end of the posting!)

And yes, I will be digging into these in more depth later. This is just a
high level skim to give you a feel for what's hot.

Number Headline Feature "Hot" Rating Comment
1 Windows Workflow Foundation New framework, exposed in .NET, that allows you to incorporate workflow into your applications. Not a server or an application, this is a framework you can use to build servers or applications that use workflow On Fire! You use workflow everywhere even if you don’t know it. This provides a fantastic framework and tools to help you develop and implement workflows
2 Quartz Web Designer Powerful web design tool from the Expressions range Sizzling A really welcome product that provides high end web design capabilities
3 Sparkle Interactive Designer The missing piece of the puzzle: Sparkle lets you design those compelling WPF interfaces without having to be an expert in XAML On Fire! No more need to develop your shiny new front end in XAMLPAD, fun though the idea was
4 VSTA Visual Studio Tools for Applications - a way of providing extension capabilities for your applications Sizzling Great news for ISVs
5 InfoPath forms without InfoPath Lets you use InfoPath forms without having InfoPath on the client Sizzling The feature everybody wanted - just use a browser to access your InfoPath forms
6 Excel on the server Allows you to have Excel web parts that don't need Excel on the client Sizzling Uses clever HTML and script in the browser to present Excel spreadsheets, including things like pivot tables, in your sharepoint site
7 RSS feeds for any Sharepoint list Allow your Sharepoint lists to be syndicated Hot Simple but useful: Turn your sharepoint lists into RSS feeds
8 Gantt charts for Sharepoint lists Where applicable, your Sharepoint lists can be displayed as Gantt charts Hot If your lists hold task information, Sharepoint is able to represent them as Gantt charts
9 Sharepoint lists on mobile devices Access your Sharepoint lists on your Pocket PC or SmartPhone Hot This is nice: as long as you authenticate you can get to those Sharepoint lists wherever you are
10 A new Access Access gets a revamp including tighter integration with SharePoint Hot Access has millions of fans so this makes perfect sense. And being able to share data with Sharepoint, in real time, is a real boon


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