Dynamic Business – Are you Prepared for Things you Can’t Control?

For those of you who have heard me talk about the reasons Microsoft continues to innovate and build evolutions of the Microsoft Office Suite is about providing capabilities to organisations for the workplace that is still emerging.

One of the tenets that I like to reference is the concept of Managing a Dynamic Business.  Microsoft’s Director of Business Insight, Dan Rasmus, does scenario based planning around the future of business.  In his exploration of how a business needs to operate in a Dynamic Environment Dan discusses how many external forces are applied to a business that it can’t control – such as changing demographic of a population, disintermediation, and disease.

It’s topical now that disease, in the case of Swine Flu, is getting hyped in the media and spread extremely fast through networks such as Twitter which amplify the conversations happening on a topic.

Consider this though.  If your HR team looked at the risk, and said - “OK – all employees need to work from home until further notice” would your business be able to cope with this?  Are you setup in a dynamic way to allow this to happen at a moments notice?

Dan has published a 16 page whitepaper on Managing a Dynamic Business.  Read this with Swine Flu in mind as you absorb his thoughts around managing things you can’t control.  http://www.microsoft.com/business/peopleready/en-us/?ng=insights#&&ng=insights&ct=articles&id=4

Check out more from Dan at his Listening to the Future site: http://www.listeningtothefuture.com/