Office 2010 Tips and Tricks Screensaver

If you are an organisation thinking about options and ways to get training and daily tips to your users, you could consider applying the Office 2010 Getting Started Screensaver.

It’s a new type of Help, and a new way to deliver it. The screensaver shows short 60-90 second videos provide tips, tricks, and timesavers for Office 2010.

The Getting Started with Office 2010 Screensaver downloads a new tip every day and displays it when you’re not using your PC. And if a particular tip piques your curiosity, simply click to learn more.

Easy to ignore, yet hard to overlook

The quest to help you get started with new software isn’t new. Remember those “tip of the day” dialogs that popped up whenever you started a program? Weren’t they annoying? Didn’t you close them almost instantly? The problem was that they interrupted you when you were trying to get work done. But what if there was something that wasn’t intrusive—something that was easy to ignore and yet easy to stay glued to. The cool thing about screensavers is that they’re easy to dismiss when you have something to do, but they’re there waiting for you when you don’t.

Download the Screensaver today from:

(NOTE: You’ll need Windows 7 for this screensaver)