The Productivity Hub is now Available

The Productivity Hub is now live!

What is the Productivity Hub?

The Productivity Hub is a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection. It comes packed with over 300* pieces of content, including videos, documents and PowerPoint slides. This gives you a great start at building a learning community behind your firewall.

Microsoft has developed the Productivity Hub to help you optimize your Microsoft end user training plans, and is provided at no cost.

The Hub centralizes Microsoft’s end user training content while providing a great use case for using SharePoint Server throughout your organization. It removes the need for you to have to find, centralize and publish Microsoft’s free end user training to an internal site; we have done the work for you. You can customize the Hub to fit your branding and needs. The flexibility and rich feature set of SharePoint Server 2007 allows you to add web parts, remove web parts, and add your own content to the Hub.


The Hub highlights the best features of SharePoint Server 2007, while providing you with end user training for the newest versions of Office, SharePoint, and Windows.

The Hub uses SharePoint Server’s social networking features to engage end users. It also offers training for “coaches” or power users internal to each customer. Coaches can help reduce the burden on training and helpdesk staff by adding another level of support. 

The Productivity blog is another way to give your end users ongoing Tips and Tricks – and the blog is where you will find out about new content for the Hub. You can either keep the RSS feed on your Hub home page, or put it on a hidden page and reuse the blog content in your own internal SharePoint blog.

Benefits to you:

•Helps reduce costs: Streamlines training and helps reduce training overhead. Acts as a tool for training departments and IT.

•Multiple learning paths: Includes learning roadmaps, coaches, forums, searchable content and more.

•Helps increase productivity:   Accelerates 2007 Office system use through a learning community.

•Drives adoption: Ongoing access to training enables deeper use and helps create new power users.

•Ignites collaboration:   Encourages self-help through the coach program. 

•Proof of concept: Provides a vision for collaborative learning – leading to collaborative work.

Quarterly Content Updates

We will provide quarterly content updates for your Hub beginning August 2009. You can learn aboutthe updates on the Productivity blog. The following is an approximate delivery schedule (subject to change).



First quarterly update

August 2009

Second quarterly update

November 2009

Third quarterly update

February 2010

Fourth quarterly update

May 2010

2010 Office Content

We will provide content updates for 2010 Office when it becomes available. We are also planning an upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 and will have a migration path for customers currently using the SharePoint Server 2007 Hub.

Hub Download link

*Content updates are available for the Hub, adding over 200 documents. Follow the instructions in the customization guide to add new products to your Hub.