InMotion - a great way of making artistic films

We create IoT solutions for all photographers and filmmakers, no matter if you’re professional or amateur. Our family of products responds to the latest trend of smartphones photographing, and at the same time we have dedicated solutions for the PRO market. It all happened thanks to Imagine Cup - say InMotion, startup from Cracow, Poland.

Tell us about yourself. How did you guys meet?

Our team is composed of only two people: Aleksander Michno and Slawek Potasz. We've met during the mechatronic studies at AGH University of Science in Cracow and decided that we want to make business together.



So, you produce video sliders. What are these used for?

Sliders enable people to make timelapses and automated video shots. Is is just a great way of making artistic films. With our latest generation of smartphone slider, we target our device to amateur filmmakers, bloggers and photographers. This will be the world’s first smartphone product directed strictly for timelapse photography.

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What inspired you to create your video slider?

Our inspiration was simple. We wanted to do a slider that we would like to use. The ultimate slider that would be durable, portable and light. With additional features we’ve implement into our smartphone slider, we produce truly unique timelapse solution for anyone that creates astonishing results. Exponentially increasing market of smart phonography was also a big inspiration to choose this direction of development. DJI_0560 DSC03762 DSC05559 IMG_9009


Tell us about your experience with Imagine Cup?

Taking part in Imagine Cup was one of the best decisions in our lives. IC helped us a lot: with its business added value, we’ve found an investor, we’ve learned about converting ideas into business, and we’ve heard detailed reviews about our startup. The biggest benefit was that, during Imagine Cup we’ve found an investor who decided to help us bring our products to the market.


What’s your plans for the future? When do you plan to start selling your sliders?

Now we finish the investment process with our VC Fund. On March 2017 we are going to run a Kickstarter campaign. We hope that, in near future, our sliders will be available at best electronic/smartphone shops all over the world.


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What can you suggest to students who just starting their projects?

Take part in Imagine Cup! Listen to the feedback and reviews of your product during Imagine Cup. And be humble enough to pivot your product development process after you hear the feedback.


We wish you luck in your Kickstarter campaign!


Check the page of InMotion Project to learn more: