“0 is not a valid DN depth”

After upgrading to R2, I ran into a stopped-server (Event ID: 6311 and 6401) error where an XMA was terminated when attempting any type of Full Import. The weird thing was other XMAs on this server that used the same libraries worked fine; therefore, isolating it to something in the CS of this particular management agent. Because the CS was fairly large, clearing it was not an option.

Within the eventlogs, the following error is reported: "ERR_: MMS(6968): d:\bt\9394412\private\source\miis\shared\utils\libutils.cpp(10364): Unusual error code reported 0x80070057. Forefront Identity Manager 4.1.2273.0". There is also traces of the ' 0 is not a valid DN depth' error.”

The following R2 hotfix resolves the “0 is not a valid DN depth” error. The hotfix is located here or can be found by searching on KB2734159.