Visio stencil and what is a FIMster?

Any time I create a PowerPoint to present the architecture of FIM and different topologies I go back to the same slide decks to copy the server icons … I can imagine that you do the same and in most cases you don’t even have a deck so end up creating your own icons or images.

If you do, I think you will like the resources that are available on the FIM Experts Office Live site. I posted a Visio Stencil, a ppt with the Server icons and our standard FIM components architecture slide.

The FIM Experts, or FIMsters as they are called, is a community group that has two things in common.

  1. They are experts on Forefront Identity Manager
  2. They help out a lot on the FIM TechNet Forum

Do you want to become a FIMster or just take benefit of the great tools, content and stuff that they have created? Here is the link you need and please do not got to bed today without visiting it and take a look at the FIM Scriptbox and the FIM Experts corner.

Update 2 July: Brad Turner, Ensync added a new Visio stencil to the FIMSters Resources – very nice and useful !!

Brjann Brekkan
Technical Product Manager, Identity and Access,  Microsoft