A New IE Add-on Site

Hi, I’m Tina Duff one of the IE Program Managers focused on improvingthe customer experience around IE - including the IE add-on web site. It sounds simple, but this means ensuring that wherever IE is talked about on Microsoft.com, it’s technically correct, easy to navigate, and provides the information customers want. We quickly realized that we should do a better job making all the great add-ons to IE that developers have created easier to find and download. Thus the new IE add-on site was born…

We’re excited to announce our newsite at www.ieaddons.com. The site has two objectives: to make it easier for users to find valuable add-ons and to promote our partners who develop add-ons.On the new site we partnered with CNET to compile an extensive list of add-ons that make browsing with IE more productive, fun and safe. At the same time, we’ve worked to streamline the search and download process, added web feeds for the most popular and newest add-ons, and included editorial and user reviews to provide as much feedback to you as possible before you install an add-on. Customers can access the add-on site from the “Tools” menu and from the “Manage Add-ons” interface.

Products on the site either work directly with Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or use the IE platform, and have to meet the CNET Software Submission Requirements and Adware and Spyware Policy before being posted. We also welcome users, editors and industry specialists to write and post reviews for each add-on, and report problem software.

If you’re a developer it’s really easy to submit your Add-on, just follow the instructions below:

How to Submit an Add-on

You can have your add-on included by submitting it through the Internet Explorer Add-on site and you no longer have to be a member of the Microsoft Partner program to be included. You’ll also have the ability to get feedback from users that you can use to gain insight on what is working and what can be improved with your product. Here is the information you need to submit your add-on for review.

Getting Started:

  1. Learn more about the options available for listing your package. Read the Product Information Requirements, Software Submission Requirements and Adware and Spyware Policy for information on the types of products that are eligible for inclusion on the IE Add-on site.
  2. Go to http://ieaddons.upload.com to begin the submission process. If you already have an account with upload.com you can log in with that information.

We think the add-on site is pretty cool whether you’re a user or a developer - it’s a lot easier to use.  Let us know what you think and which add-ons you think are priceless.

 - Tina