Building Add-Ons for IE Could Net You A Trip to Mix07 and $2500

Hey!  I’m Pete LePage, one of the Product Managers for IE and I’ve been around Microsoft for some time now. One of my favorite things about Internet Explorer is how easy it is to customize with add-ons. Earlier today, Jeremy posted about some of the cool add-ons recommended by the IE Team. Personally, I’m a bit of a developer at heart, so I’m more interested in creating my own add-ons to really customize my experience. Sure it’s a bit more work, but it’s cool to know I can make IE work exactly how I want it to work. The other cool part is getting to share the add-ons that I create with the rest of the world by uploading them to the IEAddOns site.

As part of IE7 launch, we want you to create your own add-ons, and I think we’ve got a great way to encourage you to do this. How about the best add-on submitted between November 1, 2006, and February 9, 2007, wins a trip to Mix07 in Las Vegas and $2500 cash? Yep, we’re going to run a contest open to the entire world[1]. We think we’ve got some cool prizes lined up, like this Mix trip, or a first prize of $2000. We’ve even got a couple of Zunes for the honorable mentions.

There are plenty of resources for creating add-ons within IE. The best place to start is the IE Developer Center on MSDN where you can find all sorts of information. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be adding more samples and additional documentation on how to create add-ons. About a year ago, Eric Lawrence wrote about how to write an add-on on the IE blog, that’s also a great resource. Additionally, the IE MSDN Forums provide a great place where you can ask questions and get answers quickly. The forum is monitored by the community and the IE team, so you may be able to get a little extra help there.

Full details about the contest, including more resources, can be found on the contest home page. I can’t wait to see what everyone starts creating!


PEte LePage
Product Manager

[1] No purchase necessary to enter or win.  This Contest is open to professional and amateur software development enthusiasts, however, residents of the following countries are ineligible to participate due to legal constraints: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.  Void where prohibited by law. See official rules and regulations on the contest website.

edit: typo correction: add-on a the IE blog changed to  add-on on the IE blog, updated link to contest website