IE7 Hits the Street

Just in case you missed it somehow, we released IE7 last Wednesday. In the first four days over three million of you have already downloaded the final release.  Thank you! (If you’re not one of those three million, you can get it here.)

We expect the numbers to continue to climb steadily until we start distributing via Automatic Updates in a few weeks. Clearly, we expect IE7 adoption to really take off then.  If you haven’t tested your website with IE7 yet, please use the tools Scott posted about a few weeks ago to help you prepare.

With the final release, we got a chance to do some fun tech community activities. For instance, on the night of the launch, we hosted a dinner in San Francisco for about twenty leaders in the local blogging community. Afterwards, Jeremiah Owyang posted his thoughts and Thomas Hawk put up a great set of photos. We also finally let our product managers do some real marketing. We have the first IE radio spot that I can remember us doing, and we created some mobile billboards that cruised through 10 major U.S. cities.  I’ve included a few photos below.

Of course, we’re not done with IE7 yet. Next up are the localized versions of IE7 for Windows XP and, of course, IE7 in Windows Vista. (Really!)

Tony Chor
Group Program Manager

IE7 mobile billboard in DallasIE7 mobile billboards in New York City