More Web Standards Tests Submitted to the W3C

Internet Explorer 8 represents a leap forward in support for web standards.  We believe that IE8 has the first complete implementation of CSS 2.1 in the industry and it is fully compliant with the current CSS 2.1 test suite.

The only way to know if a browser has correctly implemented a specification is to develop a comprehensive set of tests for the specification.  Those tests are the best reference for how a browser will behave when you’re writing a web page. 

Today, the IE Team is submitting 196 new test cases to the CSS 2.1 Working Group for inclusion into the CSS 2.1 test suite. These cases were developed since IE8 RC. This brings Microsoft’s contribution to the CSS 2.1 Test Suite to 7201 tests. IE8 passes all of these tests today as well as the rest of the tests in the current official CSS 2.1 test suite.  We’re working closely with the CSS working group to include the new tests in the official test suite. For now, these tests are available at the Windows Internet Explorer Testing Center.

I encourage other browser vendors to contribute to the W3C’s CSS 2.1 test suite so those tests may be used by any browser under the W3C’s license. Only then will those tests broadly benefit web developers.

If you have specific feedback on any particular test case, I strongly encourage you to provide it on the W3C’s CSS 2.1 Working Group’s mailing list. That will ensure the test case reviewers have your comments in context as they add these pages into the suite.  I'd like to thank everyone that provided feedback on the previously submitted tests.  We made changes to tests based on that feedback. 

Thanks for all the great support and feedback. Enjoy IE8!

Jason Upton
Test Manager – Internet Explorer