BizTalk 2013: Recommendations to validate for Messages not being processed Scenarios

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We hope you are great! We are going to share on this Article, some considerations about Performance scenarios that que usually get when working with BizTalk Installations : Messages not being processed.

We know the BizTalk configurations are set to satisfy your business needs, but i wanted to share this list, with some tips to check.

Things to review:
1.) Verify and in case is missed, Install SSO package:
ENTSSO experiences a memory leak after you apply hotfix 3000847

2.) Check and configure the maxConnections parameter, which is the one that determines how many connections can be set by IP

3.) In order to avoid bottlenecks, you need to review and tune the machine.config parameters, this configuration has to be set taking in consideration, for your particular business:
a. Load times
b. Data the WCF services are handling
c. Processing time for your requests.

Please go ahead and review the following articles where we specify considerations about these matters:
Contention, poor performance, and deadlocks when you make calls to Web services from an ASP.NET application

Don't forget to tune your application
How can I improve the performance of ASP.NET by adjusting the CLR thread throttling properties?

General recommendations for WCF configuration are:
Increase the max concurrent calls
Increase the max concurrent instance

Increase the max concurrent sessions
You can set these values in the web.config file, please check

Verify that WCF is hosted in IIS, in the machine.config file AutoConfig in the is set to true

4.) We recommend to increase the timeout values in connectivity and response times
Increase the opentimeout
Increase the sendtimeout

5.) We need further information about the messages workflow, as the problema seems to be a bottleneck and some of the components might me experiencing timeouts.

6.) BizTalk Database has to be under Maintenance, Updating Statistics, recreating indexes and verifying the timeouts.
BizTalk Server 2013 Performance Optimization Guide
Performance guide:
Finding and Eliminating Bottlenecks 7
Best Practices for Avoiding Bottlenecks 7
Investigating Bottlenecks 9
System-Level Bottlenecks 12
Bottlenecks in the BizTalk Server Tier 28
Bottlenecks in the Database Tier 37
How to Identify Bottlenecks in the MessageBox Database 37
How to Identify Bottlenecks in the Tracking Database 40
How to Identify Bottlenecks in the BAM Primary Import Database 41
How to Avoid Disk Contention 41

7.) We recommend advancing on a Developer/QA server and test. Apply on production servers
BizTalk Performance general recommendations are:
SOAP Adapter Configuration and Tuning Parameters
Performance Considerations for the BizTalk Adapters
General BizTalk Server Optimizations
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Hope it Helps! :)