Internet Information Services: Why My Web Application is soooo slow???? :0)

I take the time to wish a Happy New Year, and take advantage of reminding some of the most common scenarios we face when working with Developer tools, our Internet Information Services : Slowness for Applications opened:
Quick Remark> Application pools allow the isolation between applications, even though they are running on the same server: it ensures INTEGRITY by not allowing critical errors in one application to interfere with another
Within this concept we have "Idle Time-out" concepts_: time-out operation by default i set to Terminate, so Windows process hosting the site will be terminated; after which the site must be built and the process started on the next visit, resulting in a very slow first-time load.

It helps to free up memory, specially when:
•The server has a heavy processing load.
•Specific worker processes are consistently idle.
•No new processing space is available.

Test increasing the application pool timeout value, that is the time before the application will recycle if there are not any requests.