IE11 Changes

In the past, I’ve published “Minor changes” lists for IE9 and IE10. The goal of those lists was to briefly document changes that might not be recorded elsewhere.

This time around, I’m aiming to provide broader coverage of changes in IE11, including major new features and APIs. While this won’t be the best place to get the details about the changes listed, it hopefully will provide a good start for further research.

Microsoft has published some great guides to new features and compatibility changes, including the enhanced test-drive site and testing portal.

Since I’m now an MVP rather than an employee (and no longer get check-in mails), I’ll be building this list as I discover new changes myself, so tune in periodically to see what’s been added.

New APIs and Features

The following are new APIs and features:

Fixes and Tweaks

The following are fixes and adjustments to existing features or settings:

MSDN-Documented Minor Changes

The IE Team have themselves tagged many minor (but very welcome) changes in the IE11 Minor Changes List on MSDN.

IE11 on Windows 7 

Here are 13 features Microsoft lists as unsupported in IE11 on Win7:

  • Automatic phone number detection
  • Device Orientation events
  • Drag and drop touch support
  • Effects batching and stroke improvements
  • Encrypted Media Extensions
  • Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) AppContainers (see below)
  • F12 developer tools UI Responsiveness (available after Win7 update)
  • High DPI support
  • Hover touch support
  • Link highlighting
  • Media Source Extensions
  • Pinned site enhancements
  • Screen Orientation API
  • Scrolling and zooming with touch and other inputs
  • Syncing across devices
  • SPDY
  • IME Awareness Improvements

Windows 8.1 uses AppContainers for Isolation in Enhanced Protected Mode while Windows 7 does not support AppContainers.

If I’ve missed a significant delta, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!