Extending your Datacentre into Azure

Requirements for connecting your network to Azure


You can link your Windows Azure Virtual Network to an on-premises network via site-to-site VPN connection, as illustrated above.

All you need is a VPN device on your home network and a direct connection to the internet.

The list of (currently) supported devices is here.  I would expect this list to grow over time.

If you don’t seen your VPN device in the list, your device still may work with Windows Azure Virtual Network if it satisfies these requirements:

  • VPN device must have a public facing IPv4 address
  • VPN device must support IKEv1
  • Establish IPsec Security Associations in Tunnel mode
  • VPN device must support NAT-T
  • VPN device must support AES 128-bit encryption function, SHA-1 hashing function, and Diffie-Hellman Perfect Forward Secrecy in "Group 2" mode
  • VPN device must fragment packets before encapsulating with the VPN headers

I hope to be posting more about Windows Azure IaaS over the coming weeks & months..

Start your evaluation by signing up for a free, 90 day trial.  Use these steps to get you started.