Supported Fonts on IE for Windows Phone 7

Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 supports a variety of font faces (13) that you can use in your Web pages, ranging from the usual suspects like Arial to fonts like Segoe WP, which Windows Phone uses itself for various User Interface text. The full set of default fonts available are listed in the following table. Each of these font faces has an attendant variant for bold or italic.

Regular Bold Italic
Arial Arial Arial
Arial Black Arial Black Arial Black
Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS
Courier New Courier New Courier New
Georgia Georgia Georgia
Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Sans Unicode
Times New Roman Times New Roman Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS
Verdana Verdana Verdana
Webdings (Webdings) Webdings (Webdings) Webdings (Webdings)
Tahoma Tahoma Tahoma
Calibri Calibri Calibri
Segoe WP Segoe WP Segoe WP

In addition to these, there are three East Asian fonts that we include:

  • Japanese: Meiryo UI
  • Simplified Chinese: Microsoft YaHei
  • Korean: Malgun Gothic

And here’s a snapshot of how they look on the phone:


Joe Marini
Principal Program Manager
Windows Phone