PTS Blog: Private Cloud–Part 1


Here is the my blog post which i wrote for PTS blog

Hello Everyone and welcome to the PTS Blog. My name is Iftekhar Hussain, and I am a Partner Technical Consultant here in the Microsoft Partner Technical Services team specializing in Virtualization technologies. Today I would like to talk about how Microsoft Virtualization can fuel private cloud within an organization and how Microsoft partners can tap this opportunity to help customers build their own private clouds.

'Cloud', aren’t we hearing this word a lot these days? In almost every technical conversation, journals and magazines, conferences, everybody is talking about Cloud. Though there are large number of companies, groups, and individuals talking about Cloud, everybody has their own understanding and interpretation of Cloud.

So What Is Cloud Computing??

A very simple way to explain is that the cloud is a service with a certain set of tools and resources on the internet or in-house where you can perform all your computing tasks, save your data, generate and analyze reports, connect with people, or even have fun like playing games or watching TV or movies from any device like PC, TV, phone from any place.