PTS Workshop : Deploy VDI using RDS


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Dear Partners,

As you know, the PTS teams are available to help you accelerate your sales cycle, win against the competition, reduce development costs, lessen your time-to-market, and architect and deploy successful solutions.

Partner Technical Services is now offering a workshop on how to deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) using Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Session Content:

Day 1:

  • Why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?
  • Introducing Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Day 2:

  • Step by Step Deployment
  • Integration with APP-V


This session is targeted to Microsoft Partners who are selling, designing, and deploying the VDI solution to their customers. This session will cover Microsoft VDI Stack; and provide a step by step guide for deploying Personal Virtual Desktop and Pooled Virtual Desktop. We will use the RDS tool from Windows Server 2008 R2, and APP-V to deploy applications in those Virtual Desktops.

These sessions will be delivered through Microsoft Office Live Meeting with no extra cost, but time will be deducted from your available Partner Advisory Hours (Microsoft Partners are entitled to 10, 20, or 50 hours of Partner Technical Services Advisory Benefits based on your partner level or competencies.) 

Please contact me or email with your Partner ID, and contact information.  The Event dates and timing will be sent to the registered partners later.

At this time this offering is only available to Microsoft Partners in North America.

In case you need further information about the Partner Technical Services benefits,

please visit us at the Partner Technical Services Web site, call us today at   1-800-MPN-SOLVE (1-800-676-7658), or email us to start taking advantage of your benefits.

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