We Listen : Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX Coming Soon to Hyper V


Microsoft Virtualization Hour is currently in progress and lots of announcements is made to day with respect to Microsoft Virtualization.

Following Announcement is made : (from PressPass)

  1. New VDI promotions available for qualified customers to choose from today. Microsoft and Citrix Systems are offering the “Rescue for VMware VDI” promotion, which allows VMware View customers to trade in up to 500 licenses at no additional cost, and the “VDI Kick Start” promotion, which offers new customers a more than 50 percent discount off the estimated retail price. Eligibility and other details on the two promotions can be found at http://www.citrixandmicrosoft.com.
  2. Improved licensing model for virtual Windows desktop. Beginning July 1, 2010, Windows Client Software Assurance customers will no longer have to buy a separate license to access their Windows operating system in a VDI environment, as virtual desktop access rights now will be a Software Assurance benefit.
  3. New roaming use rights improve flexibility. Beginning July 1, 2010, Windows Client Software Assurance and new Virtual Desktop Access license customers will have the right to access their virtual Windows desktop and their Microsoft Office applications hosted on VDI technology on secondary, non-corporate network devices, such as home PCs and kiosks.
  4. Windows XP Mode no longer requires hardware virtualization technology. This change simplifies the experience by making virtualization more accessible to many more PCs for small and midsize businesses wanting to migrate to Windows 7 Professional or higher editions, while still running Windows XP-based productivity applications.
  5. Two new features coming in Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack 1. Microsoft Dynamic Memory will allow customers to adjust memory of a guest virtual machine on demand to maximize server hardware use. Microsoft RemoteFX will enable users of virtual desktops and applications to receive a rich 3-D, multimedia experience while accessing information remotely.
  6. New technology agreement with Citrix Systems. The companies will work together to enable the high-definition HDX technology in Citrix XenDesktop to enhance and extend the capabilities of the Microsoft RemoteFX platform.

So now Licensing for VDI is very simplified as VECD is now part of SA, So all SA customers dont need to purchase VECD separately to access their Virtual Desktops.

DYNAMIC MEMORY: Another great announcement is new capabilities in Hyper V like Dynamic Memory, We have received lots of feedback from our customers about not having Dynamic Memory as in some scenarios they’d like to increase VM density with their current memory.

Read more on Microsoft Official blog here

Remote FX: Now experience Aero Glass, 3D Graphics and rich multimedia applications in Virtual Desktops without any changes into the VM. Run rich audio and HD video support like MP4, H.264 formats and more.

Both these capabilities will be available in Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2008 R2:

No Announcement made today with respect to release of the SP1 but watch out this space, you’ll be first one to know when that get announced. :)

With all these announcements, Microsoft has made it very clear that how seriously we are committed to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and with our great portfolio of Virtualization Solutions from desktop to Datacenter.

If you have missed today's Virtualization Desktop Hour Live… On Demand will be available Soon here http://www.desktopvirtualizationhour.com/

Watch out this space for more….

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