15-Episode SQL Azure Learning Series Released

This is a series of 15 short, episodic videos that demonstrate the basics when working with SQL Azure. The videos begin with walkthroughs of working with SQL Azure and user data to more technical aspects such as migrating from Microsoft Access or SQL Server. 

· Getting Started: SQL Azure at a Glance

· Getting Started: Basic Architectural Considerations with SQL Azure

· Getting Started: Creating an Account and Your SQL Azure Database

· Getting Started: Interacting with SQL Azure

· Getting Started: SQL Azure Pricing Explained

· Administration: Securing SQL Azure

· Migration & Synchronization: Migrating from Access to SQL Azure

· Migration & Synchronization: Migration of an On-Premises DB to SQL Azure

· Migration and Synchronization: SQL Azure Data Sync

· Programming: Working with SQL Azure using .NET

· Programming: Creating LOB Applications with SQL Azure & Visual Studio LightSwitch

· Programming: Extending SQL Azure to Microsoft Applications (Windows Phone)

· Programming: Extending SQL Azure Data to Heterogeneous Platforms (Android)

· BI: Business Intelligence with Cloud Data

· BI: Advanced Business Intelligence with Cloud Data